Rosanna Figna ed il MaestroRosanna Figna lives and works in Parma, Italy, in middle of the Italian Food Valley. Like Hemingway, she born on 21 July. She may not write as well as he did, but she drinks a lot less. After Liceo (Italian secondary school) specialising in classical studies, she graduated in agrarian science from the University of Bologna.

Rosanna's books have been published by Italian publishing houses and her short stories have appeared in various authors' collections and reviews (for example, Playboy, Italian edition, March 2011). She has won quite number of literary contests.

She writes because writing is a good substitute for sex and because she's done so since she was a child.

For a living, Rosanna deals with quality control and research and development for a milling company. She loves the sea, and in summer she goes sailing every weekend in her little boat. She also goes scuba diving whenever possible.